Writing is Rewriting

Last week in Middle School, the students worked diligently on their wax museum music presentations. Much to many kids’ chagrins, this assignment meant a commitment to writing and rewriting… and rewriting again! It is HARD to learn that sometimes we have to throw away a section we have worked hard on, or that our organization isn’t as clear as we had hoped. Still, they fought through, drafting and redrafting. I loved to watch them work together to support each other’s success. At the presentations, the hard work paid off. The students looked polished in their costumes as they presented their final drafts.

The growth in your kiddos continues to impress Chris and I. It is awesome to observe how they have developed into a community. We watch them take care of each other. They celebrate each other’s successes and support one another through failures. Most of all, they enjoy each other, and the life they are living. They smile; they sing; they play; they learn; and sometimes, they get distracted- and it is all a wild whirlwind of wonderful.

PS- I do have pictures but I am having trouble converting them from my phone, so I will have to add them later.

In the Science Lab

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful evening. In this week’s blog, Ms.Chris and I have asked a student to share what the students did this past Thursday in Science!

“This week we had our first science lab, and we learned how to use a triple beam balance. Each group had three different objects: a large metal hooked cube, a rectangular prism, and a small cube. However, in each group, the objects were made out of different materials. We figured out the mass of each object using the balance. Then, we answered the questions on how much they weighed.

Next, we measured an empty beaker, then filled the beaker with 50 milliliters of water, and measured that. After that, we had to figure out how much the water weighed, and how much 1 milliliter of water weighed by subtracting the mass of the empty beaker from the mass of the full beaker and dividing the result by fifty. 

Next, we measured salt. We had to put an eyeglass on the scale and measured it, then we had to set the scale to five more grams, and put the salt on, we had to keep adding more salt, or taking away salt until the scale leveled out, which means that we had five grams of salt. We then filled out a sheet of paper with lots of questions.”

Here’s to many more experiments that help us answer many more questions!

Just Rolling Along

Greetings Families! It has been a blast of a month. Our community has settled into the groove of the new year. Kids are running the Morning Meetings, managing daily schedules and chores, and balancing a growing workload as Ms.Chris and I sit back and watch them learn to navigate more and more responsibility. It is rewarding to see students take on their roles with joyful consideration. And yes, there is quite a bit of joy… and (lots of) excellent energy! 🙂

Honestly, Ms.Chris and I are giddy from the growth our small group has undergone over the past month. The current seventh graders are quickly picking up the patterns and rituals of a foreign classroom, and the eighth graders continue growing and assuming their indispensable roles as leaders.

Speaking of Morning Meeting, each week we listen to a song to help settle ourselves and get ready for the work day. This week, we listened to The Greatest Love by Whitney Houston. By Thursday we had quite the chorus, and on Friday, the kids asked to record a performance to share with the families. Please enjoy your students in their rendition of this classic song about believing in ourselves and living with dignity and being one’s own hero. It definitely kept us smiling all day!

Becoming Our Best

Greetings Middle School Parents! Our year is off with a bang, and I cannot believe we are already two weeks in! The students have been busy building their community by writing their classroom rules and constitution, running meetings, playing team building games, supporting each other when publicly speaking or sharing in another way, and showing up each day ready to take on all the challenges of middle school. It is clear that this group has a lot of spirit and we are confident that this energy will take us to new peaks. It’s awesome to hear about the students’ desires to explore the world around them, and stretch their unique limits in creative ways. We, as teachers, look forward to supporting them on that path. Thank you for sharing your kids with us! We are grateful and excited about what this awesome year will bring!