This week we have started many new adventures! On Monday with Mrs Hallie, we learned about Human Rights and its values to the world. Also in STEM class, we did a cool experiment on connecting two strings to a hanger, and then you hear the vibrations when the hanger is hit at some object. The next day with Mrs Regina, we dove into a very cool science class. We learned about different systems in the body. We also created a lung model made out of soda bottles and balloons! We all celebrated Valentine’s Day with a board game party and little treats. In the days following, we started a humanities project that is about a violation of Human Rights, and what you could do to help it. But the real excitement started on Friday (isn’t Friday always the BEST). Cooper’s family brought in their kangaroo and wallaby for the entire class, which was so exciting and very nice of the Reynolds family. This week has been a wild amount of fun!

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Hopping Good Times @ JMBA

We learned and started so many great assignments at the beginning of the week. In math, we have a test next week, so Mrs. Regina, made it a review week. This is when we review all of the things that are going to be on the test and if we need help on any specific part. With Ms. Hallie, we read The Outsiders! With this, we learned some really great skills like note-taking, how to color code well, and some other very fun things. With that, in the coming days, we also went over sentence diagramming and a few super fun papers with Mrs. Hallie. On Wednesday, we dissected frogs. It was so awesome, exploring the body and connecting that through what we learned for anatomy. The next day we practised our memorizing skills by learning the first 5 articles of Human Rights. Then in Ms. Hallie’s class, we learned about how Human Rights is appliyed the diffrent parts of the world. Which is really cool because it showed us how the world needs to help and support each other. Then in Humanities, we dove into our new theme, Agency!

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Back In The Swing Of It…

The last week in January was smooth sailing for the students of JMBA. The kids all got back into their daily groove, finally seeming to have calmed from all the excitement from JUNA. They started a new book this week, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, and are enjoying this literary adventure together as a class. At the end of the week, all the kids lent a fantastic hand in helping to paint and continue preparing for the upcoming Lion King play!

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Junior United Nations Week!

The Junior United Nations Assembly has been at the top of our minds in the Middle School for the past few months, and last week, we finally got to show our skills.

We arrived and were greeted by various other countries within minutes of arrival. They were given cookies, various cultural snacks, and pamphlets about the countries and what they stood for as the spirit of JUNA was well underway. The leaders of the meeting were excited to start, and the students were eager to have this new experience. Each of the 48 countries took the stage to share their greetings. After that everyone split up from their classmates into their individual groups for the committee. Some did better than others, with a number of our countries making it past the committee meetings (yay Pakistan and Chile), while others unfortunately didn’t but we all got to keep participating in the fun anyway. The counties came back to the central room and spent the next few days voting on each resolution in the committee with the counties with more yes than no votes moving on in an elimination process. We know it sounds busy, and it was, but we also got the chance to socialize with other schools and make tons of new friends! All in all, we had a great time with one of our teams being recognized for a notable presentation and both best boy delegates were none other than our fellow schoolmates Aksh (7th grade) and Zayden (6th grade). All of our hard work paid off!

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Back from the Holidays!

Hey there,

We’re back in action, and it’s been a packed week of getting back into the swing of things. First up, JUNA preparations are in full swing. Our students are diving into discussions and debates, getting ready to represent us at the upcoming conference. Excitement is building, and we’re looking forward to seeing our students in action.

We kicked off the week with some math activities to keep things interesting. Students tackled problems, sharpened their problem-solving skills, and maybe even had a bit of fun coloring with numbers.

In the drama department, things are heating up as we gear up for The Lion King production. Our students are busy creating masks and backdrops to bring the show to life. It’s a hands-on, creative process, and we can’t wait to see the final product.


Middle School Class of 2024

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A Festive Farewell: JBMA School’s Last Week Bash and a Bittersweet Goodbye

As winter break approached, the halls of JBMA School were buzzing with excitement. Students eagerly anticipated the festive activities planned for the last week before the holidays. Little did they know, this week would be both a celebration of joy and a heartfelt farewell to one of their own.

Midweek, the school halls transformed into a winter wonderland for the grand party. Twinkling lights adorned every corner, and festive decorations created a magical ambiance. Students enjoyed an array of activities, from the Holiday Music program to indulging in delicious treats. The party was a fitting culmination of a semester filled with hard work, growth, and camaraderie.

Amidst the revelry, there was a palpable sense of nostalgia as the school community came together to bid farewell to Caris, a beloved student who was set to transfer to a different school after the winter break. Caris had been an integral part of the JBMA family, and her presence would be sorely missed.

As the week drew to a close, there was a mixture of emotions – joy for the festive season ahead and a touch of sadness as the school bid farewell to Caris. The JBMA community, resilient and tight-knit, demonstrated the power of coming together to celebrate the good times and support one another through transitions. JBMA School had not only celebrated the end of the semester but had also embraced change with grace and compassion, turning a farewell into a memory to be cherished.

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A Festive Fiesta: Our Middle School’s Week of Giving, Learning, and Celebrating!

The halls of our middle school were alive with holiday spirit this past week as students took charge of the Holiday Store, creating an atmosphere of joy, generosity, and learning. From raising funds to putting smiles on younger faces, to wrapping up academic projects and gearing up for a holiday performance, it was a week filled with excitement and camaraderie.

Spreading Cheer through the Holiday Store: Our student-run Holiday Store became the heart of the school this week. Not only did we manage to raise an impressive $2000, but we also witnessed the magic of giving as younger students beamed with joy while choosing gifts for their loved ones. The store truly became a hub of festive generosity and community spirit.

Wednesday’s Extravaganza: The middle of the week brought a spectacular holiday party that will be etched in our memories. Laughter filled the air as we played White Elephant, each gift adding a touch of humor to the festivities. The potluck was a feast for the senses, bringing together delicious homemade dishes and creating a sense of togetherness that perfectly captured the holiday spirit.

Balancing Academics and Festivities: In the midst of the holiday celebrations, academics remained a priority. Students showcased their commitment by completing their long-term science projects and conquering a challenging math test. Moreover, the focus on honing inquiry techniques by asking probing clarifying questions in JUNA demonstrated a commitment to academic growth.

Preparations for the Holiday Performance: The excitement for the upcoming holiday performance added an extra layer of anticipation to the week. Our talented students dedicated time to perfecting their acts, ensuring that the upcoming Tuesday performance will be a showcase of their artistic prowess and a treat for the entire school community.

As we bid farewell to this festive-filled week, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible spirit of giving, learning, and celebrating that permeated our middle school. From the success of the Holiday Store and the joy it brought to our younger peers to the academic achievements and the anticipation building for the holiday performance, this week was a testament to the vibrant community we are part of. Here’s to a season of generosity, knowledge, and festive cheer that will undoubtedly carry us through the rest of the year!

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The Frightening Festival

JBMA Middle School recently hosted a thrilling Halloween party that brought together students and faculty for an exciting filled with spooky stories, a rice-themed potluck, s’mores, board games, and costume fun.

The main event of the evening was the sharing of scary stories. Leading up to the party, everyone had been crafting their tales of ghosts and mysteries. As the day went on, these stories were shared, sending chills down the spines of the listeners in a dimly lit room.

The potluck had a unique theme centered around rice. Attendees brought in a variety of rice-based dishes, from savory to sweet, showcasing their cooking skills and adding to the communal feast.

S’mores were a hit as everyone gathered around a bonfire to roast marshmallows and create the classic treat, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the sweetness of the snacks.

Board games added to the fun, with students and teachers engaging in friendly competition, enjoying the playful atmosphere, and spending time together.

Of course, costumes were a big part of the day. Attendees showcased their creativity with a range of costumes, from traditional spooky ones to imaginative and quirky outfits.

The Halloween party was a great opportunity for the JBMA community to come together, share their talents, and create lasting memories. The day was filled with laughter, good food, and a sense of togetherness that made it a memorable event for all who attended. It’s clear that events like these strengthen the community spirit at JBMA and create anticipation for more fun gatherings in the future.

Announcements: **No School on Friday Nov. 10th

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A Thrilling Week at Joseph Bruno Middle School

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of our schedule, but it all worked out just fine. The weather was absolutely beautiful, adding an extra layer of charm to the week.

As the days unfolded, we found ourselves wrapping up our JUNA country resolutions, giving those diplomatic efforts their final polish.

Meanwhile, our language arts classes took a creative turn as students partnered up to craft intriguing, suspenseful stories with a touch of the supernatural.

The science lessons brought us face to face with EvolutionLab’s “Tree of Life,” a cool and interactive tool that made exploring the intricate world of evolutionary relationships among species rather enjoyable.

And, as the week came to a close, we had the pleasure of watching our talented schoolmates shine in the play, “The Hunt for Milo Gato.” It was an entertaining showcase of their dedication and flair.

Finally, we’d like to extend our gratitude to all the parents who joined us for conferences; it was wonderful to see you there!

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Our amazing week at school

At JBMA Middle School, the past week was filled with a variety of activities. We learned about fossilization and its connection to evolution, made progress on our J.U.N.A. projects, worked on a scarecrow for the upcoming Fall Festival, and helped construct a corn maze.

Our week started with a lesson on fossilization, exploring how it helps us understand the history of our planet and the process of evolution. We learned the practical side of paleontology, gaining a better grasp of the ever-changing story of life on Earth.

We also dedicated a good portion of our time to our J.U.N.A. projects. These projects improved our research and communication skills as we prepared to represent our assigned countries on the global stage at the upcoming J.U.N.A. conference.

Outside the classroom, we continued working on a scarecrow for the upcoming Fall Festival. This hands-on project allowed us to showcase our artistic and teamwork abilities. We eagerly looked forward to seeing our scarecrow on display at the festival.

Another exciting task was helping construct a corn maze for the festival. We got involved in the planning and building, aiming to offer a fun challenge to those who would visit the maze.

Adding to the excitement of the week was a sweet surprise from Mr. Dana – Krispy Kreme donuts. It was an unexpected treat that brightened our day and added some sweetness to our activities.

And last but not least, we welcomed back Jiminy, our pet iguana. Jiminy’s return brought a touch of familiarity and warmth to our school days, reminding us of the special bond we share with our animal companions.

Reflecting on the week, we found it was a mix of science, global affairs, art, teamwork, and delightful surprises. With the Fall Festival and the J.U.N.A. conference on the horizon, we’re looking forward to more opportunities for discovery, creativity, and working together in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey at JBMA Middle School!


Cahaba River Field trip October 17th

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