Last week in Middle School, the students worked diligently on their wax museum music presentations. Much to many kids’ chagrins, this assignment meant a commitment to writing and rewriting… and rewriting again! It is HARD to learn that sometimes we have to throw away a section we have worked hard on, or that our organization isn’t as clear as we had hoped. Still, they fought through, drafting and redrafting. I loved to watch them work together to support each other’s success. At the presentations, the hard work paid off. The students looked polished in their costumes as they presented their final drafts.

The growth in your kiddos continues to impress Chris and I. It is awesome to observe how they have developed into a community. We watch them take care of each other. They celebrate each other’s successes and support one another through failures. Most of all, they enjoy each other, and the life they are living. They smile; they sing; they play; they learn; and sometimes, they get distracted- and it is all a wild whirlwind of wonderful.

PS- I do have pictures but I am having trouble converting them from my phone, so I will have to add them later.